From Clearwater to Rain Water

Fresh out of football practice, Kevontre Whetzel walks into his writing class, every day closer to finishing his degree. Sitting across the table; relaxed and quiet, but also personable and outgoing. His football career began at Countryside High School in Clearwater, Florida, a key factor in all aspects of his life.

So what made you want to choose Oregon State for school?

Kee: It had a lot to do with football. My family came over to meet the coach and tour, it was such a good experience and we connected well with the coach (Gary Anderson).

And how has the transitions from coach to coach affected you as a team?

I had the same coach in high school for 4 years so it’s a big change. Having two different coaches in two years makes a big difference, one coach was replaced halfway through the year. It’s basically a whole new coaching staff this year, its like we still have to establish a relationship before we can move on and improve.

Kevontre grew up in Clearwater, Florida with his two parents and four brothers. Describing one of the most important moments that put him on his current path to success being he and his brother’s adoption when he was six. Still keeping close ties and contact to his family living back home. He continued by saying they like to stay connected, using Facetime and calling one another often.

Since your family is so close, what has it been like moving to Oregon?

It’s still difficult sometimes, there are times when I can get pretty homesick, but like I said we keep connected however we can. Florida is still my ideal place to live, a lot of people say ‘oh it’s too hot’ and stuff like that, but I love the beach and the heat. I don’t think I’d move back home, but if it’s up to me I would choose to move back to Florida.

Kevontre aspires to play for the NFL after he finishes with college, currently playing as a linebacker in all 12 games of the 2018 season. Working hard on the field to fulfill this dream, he is not one to leave things to chance. He is majoring in Digital Communication Arts with a minor in Business. With these applications he would choose to go into sports or social media marketing. Emphasizing his interest in working for Nike, he is currently on track to graduate early in the Fall of 2019 rather than Spring.

My uncle works for Nike right now as a social media manager, choosing what works for the company’s image and what doesn’t. Deciding what they post or not, I’d want to do something like that but maybe work with athletes. Managing their social media or doing something like my uncle, working for Nike. He gets paid well, gets great perks and gets the chance to travel which would be great.

On his personal media Kee likes to keep things light, often posting about football or spending time with friends. This can be said about his personality as a whole. He explained that one of his favorite characteristics about his personality is his outgoing and lighthearted attitude. With a past of trials that would give him every right to have a downtrodden attitude, he still finds joy and positivity in everything he does. Kevontre will continue on his path; graduating in the Fall, playing in the 2019 OSU football season, and what will come is yet to be revealed, but he plans to continue toward his goals.

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