Free Write

This is my last assignment for my writing class. After this I may use this website to post the stories I’ve really wanted to, hence the name. I have hundreds of short stories written down that are just dreams I’ve had.

I have learned that I need to set a strategic plan for myself. Whether it’s regulating the words I use in a single sentence or how much detail I put into certain subjects. It took an entirely different way of thinking to write these papers. They were looking for different characteristics than I am used to writing with. The most difficult part would have to be writing the news feature, trying to write in an interesting and enticing way, but keeping it professional and making it factual. I am much more used to writing fiction, the rules of which have been loose and malleable up until this point.

Even with the screenplay it took me nearly two hours to come up with a set of rules for myself. The process of creating a good story was much more difficult than I had imagined as well. You can’t just come up with a good story, there are processes and gates you have to pass through to get to a cohesive, relatable story.

The class taught me different writing styles, the 2-3-1, the kabob, the nutgraf, etc. None of which I had ever even heard of before so that was disappointing. It was better to learn about them in a class that will actually utilize them, rather than just bringing it up in a general education class.

I am hoping to take another class with this professor because I feel that my skills and abilities are tested more than in other classes. With a vast experience of writing he has a good idea of what good writing actually looks like. I look forward to using these lessons in the future to impress literature professors. I will keep the books I bought rather than selling them back to the Beaver store, Vogler especially will help me create new stories and understand every aspect of them. Screenwriting is especially intriguing for me, I had not realized all the steps and formalities that took part in the process. This will be useful in my future career so I would like to learn more about it and possibly work to write a (good) full story rather than just the first act.

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